Les voisins, Video Express, 1060

Here we go again… We only wanted to watch a simple movie–to sit on the couch at home and zone out for an hour or so. But, on our walk to Video Express on Chaussée de Waterloo in the neighborhood of St. Gilles (1060), we found some peculiar windows that peaked our interest–ever so much.



Sometimes, I think it might be a better use of my time (and an ever-so-intriguing experience, to boot) to set out on a weirdo-window-watching excursion, than it is to rent a “blockbuster.” You see, renting a movie (when you know which one you want) is easy. If you’re lucky, however, weirdo-window-watching can be perplexing…and insightful.


I’m assuming (of course, the following is a broad generalization:) that the person who lives behind these windows is a woman, perhaps at an older stage of life, fascinated by miniature, unfettered, hand-painted dogs who do not bark, and by the protracted durability of fake flowers.


She is, almost undoubtedly, also taken by marble-like sculptures, busts, “orchid art” and rocks.


These weirdo windows took time to prepare; the presumable female inhabitant spent at least a minute creating awe-inspiring showcases as a work of art, something for all to see–a window into her eclectic and romantic soul.


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